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79066 m. Lviv, vul. Hrabovskoho, 11 of. 7

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79066 m. Lviv, vul. Hrabovskoho, 11 of. 7

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+38 (067) 3132522
+38 (032) 2627863
+38 (067) 1457312

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Fito Igor


Prokop Bogdan Volodymyrovych - Director

Working hours

Mon: 09.00 - 18.00

Tue: 09.00 - 18.00

Wed: 09.00 - 18.00

Th: 09.00 - 18.00

Fri: 09.00 - 18.00

Sat: 09.00 - 15.00


Registration number: 38955859

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About the company

- Waterproofing of the roof to the foundations
- Drainage works
- Injection of work without outside otkopki
- Remove mildew
- Drainage of cellars
- The horizontal cut-off of capillary moisture
- Repair Roofing roofing
- Tipped PVC membranes
- Construction of cottages
- Renovation and repair of buildings


Waterproofing of terraces and balconies.
Waterproofing of terraces and balconies - a range of activities, which are essential to complete properly and professionally engaged in construction, obtain quality results in water resistance of these constructs in the operation of the building. After all, we all know that the cost of waterproofing is not commensurate with the costs of recycling in the interior room or after the occurrence of decompression terrace or balcony.
The basic rule when constructing a terrace or balcony is the formation of a sufficient slope towards organized drainage to prevent the possibility of thallium and deluge water stagnate on the surface. Slope, usually of 1.5 - 2.0 %. In one small spot near the outer edge of the terrace - width uhyloutvoryuyuchoyi ties should not be less than 40mm. To increase its strength, our company offers its reinforced polypropylene fiber Fibermesh or add solution styrene- butadiene emulsion Asoplazt-MZ (company SCHOMBURG Germany).

Structure of terraces.
When the device terraces must endure three major fundamental factors
- Accurately complete waterproofing and sealing of joints ;
- To organize the sewage, preventing stagnation meltwater ;
- Destruktsiynyh offset the impact forces and internal stresses in the array terraces.

Stepwise formation of structural layers of terraces.
1) Concrete base should be formed terraces slope 1cm to 1m dovzhyny.Po concrete slab, which has strength within 28 days, must be held steam. The basis should be mechanically cleaned of residual mortar and dust fill bezusadochnym solution cavities and voids Do Hydraulic halteli in areas junctions, vacuum cleaner to collect dust from the surface of terraces and primed it anionovoyu bitumen- emulsion. Basis, it may be wet, but not be a mirror standing water.
2) After drying bituminous primer to the substrate terraces overlay pidkladovyy euro roofing company type Bipol Technonikol (Russia) on polyester basis. Particular attention is paid to sealing joints and junctions forming the right to vertical surfaces.
3) At the same time arrange insulation end terrace with extruded polystyrene 50 mm thick and overlay Euroruberoid on a horizontal plane so that Euroruberoid took place on the edge of the foam.
4) On the trail vapor barrier yevroruberoydoviy 2 layers of plastic film of thickness 150 uF for leveling thermal expansion and alignment of internal stresses in the upper layers of terraces.
5) Then arrange terrace with extruded insulation foam with total thickness of 100 mm (with 2 layers to 50mm). The bottom layer of foam to be milled or you can make chopping grooves 20 * 10mm independently by Bulgarians. This must be done to equalize the pressure of steam in the thickness of the array terraces. Extruded polystyrene should be with feltsovanymy ends to eliminate the possibility of thermal bridges in the room under the terrace. Plates extruded foam recommend sticking to the euro roofing with bitumen- rubber mastics Bikutan -2K firms Koester (Germany).
6) For extruded foam we put geotextile firm Pulsar (Ukraine) is volume weight 130h/m2 horizontal drainage and infiltration of water vapor.
7) The next step - is placing the finishing reinforced cement -sand screed with water- repellent properties of thickness 40 -50mm and 2cm na1m transverse slope length terrace. After its stabilization (oriyentovno21 day) we form expansion joints, cutting into squares plate size 2 * 2m. Stitches cut into 2 3 depths tie, then put in the seams foamed plastic cord and fill their elastic polyurethane sealant Sikaflex-11FC.
8) plays an important role : installation kapalnyka aims - to lead a drop of water and rain water drainage system in July drain.
9) After the formation of joints up to 12 mm wide elastic mineral applied waterproofing (we offer Mapelastik-2K) Italian company Mapei with reinforcement of fiberglass - is volume weight of 120 g/m2.
10) In areas junctions of horizontal and vertical surfaces of paste damper waterproof tape prorezynovu Mapeband (Mapei).
11) Final topcoat terraces be done in terracotta tiles frost - progress on elastic adhesives (Adesileks - P9 or Hranirapid company Mapei). Seams between the tiles frost earn elastic fugue with fungicidal properties such Ultrakolor.
12) Laying of tiles made of natural stone, structure is stable, can be done in 5 days after the application of waterproofing. Between the tiles on a horizontal surface and a vertical socket should be left slit width 6mm to fill its single-component polyurethane sealant. When laying tiles must withstand previously provided termoshvy which then also filled with sealant.

Properly constructed terrace is a beloved holiday destination for the whole family. For it requires some care, but the comfort and convenience for long years of service are worth it.